The end of S9y (Serendipity)
December 14th, 2009 by Anders Kringstad

Serendipity weblog platform
At some point in 2004 I decided to start to weblog in English. The weblog platform I set my eyes on was Serendipity, since I had read that it was all shiny and good. Some years later, (almost five) I found myself fed up with S9y, and the duality of maintaining security for both S9y and WordPress on my own webpage. Thus, I decided to dump S9y and move to a dual-stacked WordPress, English and Norwegian weblogs on the same platform.

To end this chapter of my webpresence I feel it’s suitable to give a final salute to this stable platform of my online life. The post-count might not be all that great and such, but hey.. Statistics matter I guess. So, with any more fuss, here’s to Serendipity and the pages it’s served up:

First entry
Tuesday, March 23. 2004 18:03
Last entry
Monday, December 14. 2009 03:12 (final notification of weblog removal)

Total entries: 238 entries.. and I leave comments open for you math-freaks to give me a postcount for that period of time. And do remember the +1 leap years! 🙂

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