Norway’s largest newspaper enables IPv6!
September 20th, 2010 by Anders Kringstad

I was pleased this morning when I through IRC learned that Norway’s largest newspaper have enabled IPv6 at their domain, Not that I read VG much, but the fact that there is a push forward with IPv6 in the media sector is great, since it’s only about 8-9 months until there are no more IPv4 addresses left.

Here at work we’re doing lot’s of fun stuff with IPv6, and are currently actively pushing forward with dualstack implementations for our customers.

But today, we end with a delicious traceroute to VG via IPv6:

traceroute to (2a02:c0:1010::16) from 2a02:2c8:1:42::4, 30 hops max, 16 byte packets
1 (2a02:2c8:1:400::1)  0.271 ms  0.245 ms  0.232 ms
2  2a01:560:207::1 (2a01:560:207::1)  0.597 ms  0.485 ms  0.491 ms
3 (2001:7f8:12:1::3:9029)  8.733 ms  8.914 ms  8.61 ms
4  2a02:c0:1000:2::3 (2a02:c0:1000:2::3)  9.015 ms  9.207 ms  10.083 ms
5  2a02:c0:1010::16 (2a02:c0:1010::16)  8.637 ms  8.774 ms  8.709 ms

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